Archaeologist, art historian, philosopher, poet, photographer, artist, but fundamentally curious. Luigi begins from childhood to feed on art having an artist uncle. He is fascinated, when he is in his studio, by the colors, the scents, and the canvases that are transformed into emotions. At the age of ten, an event occurs that marks him throughout his life: he goes to live in Tuscany where he meets a young teacher named Sara who, noticing her artistic attitude, stimulates him further and teaches him the first elements of painting, from the combination of the colors to the preparatory work, up to the actual pictorial execution. Under his skilled guidance, he created the first work for his mother’s birthday entitled “Maternity”, a memory that still accompanies him. Over the years he continues to experiment with various materials. Subsequently it almost seems to move away completely from these fascinating creations, but basically there is always a part of raw metal ready to be attracted by an invisible magnet as soon as it sees an expression of art. At eighteen, an uncle gives him an old rangefinder camera, a gift that will lead him once again to experiment with photography, he notes everything: “times, apertures, frame number”, to see the result after the development he internalizes with careful precision that tool that allows him to stop the light of emotions to have better memories; participates in photographic competitions, he confronts himself, internalizes that language. Fascinated by antiquities, he embarks on a course of study that apparently seems to distance him from those passions, instead he will learn ancient languages, will know thoughts, will lead him to acquire an analytical, methodical method of study, fundamental for research. One case leads him to approach the computer world. Programmer, entrepreneur, this mysterious world provides him with security and pushes him to start a family; at the same time he must learn, he does not want to feel uncomfortable, he studies computer science, marketing, sales, psychology, specific languages ​​and takes all the useful courses to improve himself. In 2005, a market crisis, the consequent decrease in work and a serious road accident led him to a profound rethinking and restructuring of his existence. Later, in 2008, the possibility arises of creating something personal, manual … a restaurant project, thus another radical change in one’s life appears and decides to abandon a job that does not give him time and suffocates him and that no longer fascinates him. It takes up those languages ​​that it had held in check, suffering inside. Putting together the experiences of the various jobs carried out by the initial ones alongside his father as a builder to electrician, plumber, blacksmith, bricklayer, mechanic, carpenter, radio technician, computer scientist, with little money available he creates the restaurant project with the only help of the partner of the his life. He starts with the masonry, demolishing and rebuilding, designs and builds everything, helped by the availability of a childhood friend who makes his carpentry workshop and his experience in the field available; he creates chairs, tables, displays, the bookcase that is inspired by a tree. Think about how to achieve with creativity and not with the availability of the market; he thus uses a vase as a sink, a broken mirror as a dressing table, steel lamps made of scrap pieces; he uses his photos that he frames in rusty iron, the display shelves, from abandoned glass, the bar counter from pieces recovered from an enthusiastic uncle who supports their creativity by making materials available. They will build an image that will surprise those who visit them, leaving them extremely amazed by the cuisine, proposed by a psychologist friend with great talent who will amaze everyone with its refinement and gastronomic refinement. The activity is successful, but after a few months he begins to lack that manual skill, that surprise, that giving shape to thoughts, he often feels that the best moment was the year of realization, therefore he understands that that activity undertaken leaves him little time to cultivate his spiritual and artistic interests. Look for other job opportunities that leave him space, ways where he has more time for himself where he can reflect and give shape to his ideas of communicating. He enrolls in an art school, chooses and follows those subjects that can enrich him, once again discovering new languages, linked to the world of design which he studies methodically, deepens its techniques and expressive potential. Luigi Falco is a lover of art in all its forms and continuously explores the world around him with an enchanted gaze; as from a window he observes a world in constant change, often linked to unstable contrasts and strong contradictions. It analyzes and criticizes that convu consumerism